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Handmade Infinity Scarves and Custom Art Quilts

Quilts by Jessie Gussack

Growing up in a household of two artist parents, Jessie had an early appreciation of art. From painting to textiles and photography, Jessie was exposed to many forms of colour, texture and technique. This early adoration for the arts blossomed into a admiration of architecture and culture, which led to years of European travel. Jessie's travels furthered her interest in photography, which led to eight years of photo journaling her adventures and successful post-travel shows. Hungry for more artistic exploration, Jessie set out to teach herself sewing. This experimentation led to a successful fashion business as well as a flourishing quilting venture spanning baby, bed and wall hangings. Encouraged by the enthusiastic reception to her textiles, Jessie continues to experiment with colour, form, fabrics and format, continually expanding her style and honing her technique. Jessie’s quilts have been sold worldwide, from New York City and the Dominican Republic to Vancouver, B.C. and California. Jessie lives in London with her husband and two children.

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